Leather Bags & Briefcases

Luerown is the one of the best solution for fine leather bags and briefcases. Our expertise and difference begins with the selection of the finest sheepskins and leathers used to create our bags. Handcrafted by expert artisans Luerown is the epitome of American quality. You will find the incredible quality and durability at Luerown modern classic American-made leather bags & briefcases. All of Luerown leather bags & briefcases are proudly made in New York City. Handcrafted in Brooklyn by Aston Leather.

Lifetime warranty on all Luerown leather bags and briefcases.

When you purchase a Luerown bags or briefcases, you are making an investment that will pay dividend for many years to come. In fact, we are so sure that our bags and briefcases shall withstand the rigors of normal use, that we offer a lifetime guarantee on materials and workmanship. For all products under warranty repair work is free of charge however please note that there is a charge of $21.75 for return shipping.
Should your bag become accidentally damaged, we will be happy to repair and refurbish it for a nominal fee.

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