Ties for Special Occasions- How to Choose?

Ties for Special Occasions- How to Choose?

If you want to grab the attention of people around you, you must be a little careful when choosing ties for special occasions. It might be a wedding party, a date night, a networking event, a casual office get-together wearing the right tie is a must to look perfect. The section below will help you to choose the right tie for the right occasion.

If you want to look graceful, always opt for ties crafted out of pure silk. Silk makes all colors and patterns look elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Other than that, if taken care of properly, silk ties can last for decades.


Ties for Special Occasions That You Can Wear at Networking Events and Cocktail Parties

You may be preparing for an after-office cocktail party or a networking event; you must choose a tie  that will make you look interesting. As people will find your personality fascinating, they will be more eager to know you. As a result, you’ll be able to get conversations flowing more easily.

Ideally, you should pick a tie featuring abstract/foulard patterns for these occasions. For men, who want to make an even bolder statement, understated novelty ties can do the trick. You can also consider wearing paisley ties to these events. However, make sure that the piece you pick has two different colors.

Ties for Special Occasions Like a Date Night or Evening out with Friends


If you are getting ready for a date night or evening out with friends, pick a tie that looks funky. Experimenting should be the key when choosing ties for such occasions. If you end up wearing a skinny, knit tie when going for a date, you will fail to look different from what you look when going to the office.

When you are ready to experiment with your tie’s design, you’ll have a wide range of patterns to choose from. These include anchors, polka dots, horizontal stripes, and more. You can also pick ties for special occasions in solid colors. However, to look snazzy, choose a tie in bright colors like orange or yellow. Top stores selling men’s accessories will also have ties in more exciting colors like turquoise blue, pink, purple, etc.

Ties You Should Wear When Going for an Important Presentation

Are you preparing for one of the most significant presentations of your career? If yes, dressing appropriately is as important as getting everything right when making the presentation. If you wear the right outfits and accessories, you’ll impress the onlookers even before you utter anything.

Rely on the typical New Yorker style, when choosing clothes for an upcoming presentation. That’s the best way of looking organized and pleasing. Your look for the presentation would be perfect if you opt for a classic striped tie or solid tie. Pair the ties for special occasions with a fitted shirt and your appearance will impress your audience straightaway.

Perfect Ties to Wear for Interviews

Few situations will require you to seek more attention than an interview. This makes selecting the right outfits and accessories for the event extremely important. However, never try anything over the top in an attempt to grab attention.

You should be particularly careful when choosing the tie that you’ll wear during the interview. You’ll make a big mistake if you opt for ties in bright colors and dominating patterns to grab the attention of your interviewers. Instead, you should look to wear a tie that’s simple. To be precise, pick ties for special occasions that don’t shift the focus of the interviewers from your overall personality to the design of your tie.

According to color psychologists, men going for an interview should not look beyond a navy or solid blue suit. To complement the color of the suit and the solid white shirt under it, they should pick a striped tie or a clean foulard tie.

Wear Ties For Special Occasions When Attending an Indoor Wedding

When it comes to outdoor weddings, nothing can replace the elegance offered by a traditional bow tie. However, you can consider wearing a tie if it’s an indoor wedding. The colors you can opt for when choosing ties for a wedding ceremony include brown, navy, deep purple, olive green, burgundy, and other bright and dark shades.

Final Words

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