Men Fashion in 2021- The Value of Handcrafted Garments

Men Fashion in 2021- The Value of Handcrafted Garments

Men fashion in 2021 is much different from what it used to be a decade back. Modern-day men are stylish, but they know how to stay connected with culture and heritage. Gone are the days when men used to fall only for machine-made clothes. Today, handmade garments play a major role in men’s fashion. The only thing that brought about this change is the incredible quality of handcrafted garments.

The section below will help you to comprehend why handmade clothing plays such a major role in men’s fashion in 2021.  


Handcrafted Clothes Add Durability to Men Fashion in 2021

You can treat handmade garments as investments. They are immensely durable and enable more effective repairing than their machine-made counterparts. They remain in perfect shape for several seasons and you’ll not need to discard them due to some wear and tear.


Manufacturers pick fabrics for crafting handmade garments extremely carefully. What’s more, as the user, you’ll also get the opportunity to have your say in the selection process while keeping Men fashion in 2021 in mind.

Most companies that make clothes with hands prefer to use eco-friendly materials such as hand-loomed wool and silk. These materials have zero emission i.e., their manufacturing process doesn’t require the use of water and electricity. This means by opting for handmade clothes you are making significant contributions to the well-being of the environment.

Reusing Clothes Becomes Easier with Handmade Garments

The high-quality materials of handmade garments are an important element of Men fashion in 2021. They remain in good shape for years. So, if you ever get bored of them, you’ll have the option of recycling them and transforming them into new stunning outfits.

You can not only upcycle your own clothes but can do the same with heirloom pieces crafted out of silk, leather, wool, and other such natural materials. The design can be yours or of a reliable designer you know.

Handmade Garments Are Always Customized

Mass-produced, machine-made clothes can never fit you perfectly. Even if some companies sell machine-made outfits that offer reasonably nice fits, getting hold of the piece that would fit you impeccably is extremely difficult.

If you buy such clothes from eCommerce platforms, you will need to undergo the tedious process of ordering, trying, returning, and re-ordering. And when purchasing from a physical store, you’ll have to make countless trips to the changeroom.

Your decision of using handmade outfits, which are popular in the category of Men fashion in 2021, will save you from all such miseries. A manufacturing company offering handmade garments will stitch your clothing according to the measurements you would provide them with. If you want a particular part of a shirt to be loose or want the length of your jacket to be slightly less, the final products will conform to your wishes.

Men Fashion in 2021 Is All about Natural Colors Thanks to Handmade Clothes

Machine-made, commercial clothing involves the use of industrial dyes. Other than lacking the comforting effect of natural shades, these dyes are also highly toxic. The chemicals they contain can cause air and water pollution. Constant exposure to those industrial dyes can make laborers sick. The dyes are also not good for the health of the users.

Manufacturers cannot stop the use of these harmful dyes as the eye-catching, bright colors they produce are still the favorite of many. However, men with a real sense of fashion can never be fond of such synthetic colors.

Top companies selling handmade garments will also spoil you with color options in Men fashion in 2021. However, as the dyes coloring their clothing materials contain plant extracts and other natural substances, they are safe both for the environment and humans.

Handmade Clothes Offer Transparency

If it’s a mass-produced outfit for Men fashion in 2021, you are unlikely to know the sourcing of its raw materials. However, when using handmade clothes, you’ll never need to deal with such a lack of transparency.

For example, if you are purchasing a silk shirt from Luerown, the company will provide you with detailed information on the raw material of the product. All silk products of this manufacturer are made using high-quality silk from Italy. The garments are designed in New York and manufactured in Turkey.  

Final Words

Men fashion in 2021 is also about handmade men’s accessories. Most top men’s fashion brands have launched a fresh range of handcrafted accessories in 2021. Check the online store of your favorite brands to find some that would complement your outfits.