Men Mid-Calf Socks vs. Over the Calf Socks

Men Mid-Calf Socks vs. Over the Calf Socks

Dress socks or dress cloth socks worn by men are usually of two types, the mid-calf socks, and the over-the-calf socks. Men mid-calf socks are the ones that reach around half of the wearer’s calf, while the over-the-calf pieces cover the entire calf. The over-the-calf socks usually rest just beneath the knee.

Are you finding it difficult to decide which length you should opt for when buying dress socks? One thing you must ensure when wearing socks with trousers is that they shouldn’t be too short. There’s an old rule that requires men to wear pants to ensure that their bare leg is not exposed. If you end up wearing dress socks that are not long enough, your bare legs will become visible if you cross your legs or sit on a highchair.

If you still don’t know whether you should go for a mid-calf or over-the-calf pair, the discussion below will help you to beat the confusion.

When Should You Wear Men Mid-Calf Socks?

If you are dressing up for a casual outing, wearing mid-calf socks should be the way to go for you. This type enjoys extreme popularity among young men as the present generation is highly passionate about their casual outfits. Some of them even prefer wearing casuals to the workplace unless their office dress code stops them from doing so.

So, go for men mid-calf socks if you are a fan of the casual look. In other words, these socks will match your needs if you are looking to sport a contemporary look. Pair up these socks with your jeans, drawstring trousers, and other casual bottom wear. You can wear them when going for a beach trip, getting ready for the Saturday night party, so on.

As the mid-calf socks don’t cover the entire calf, many men feel more comfortable wearing them. Ideally, you should stick to these mid-calf pairs if you are getting ready for a long day. These men’s accessories would complement your needs the best even if you have heavy, muscular calves. Socks of shorter lengths seem to fit such calves better.

The mid-calf socks should be the go-to product for you if you are looking to beat the heat during the summer months. As these socks will keep half of your calf uncovered, your legs will feel much cooler.  However, for feeling comfortable wearing these men mid-calf socks during the summer months you must wear pairs made using pure cotton. Socks made of synthetic materials will make you feel uncomfortable irrespective of their length and the weather conditions.

When Should You Choose Over-the-Calf Socks Instead of Men Mid-Calf Socks?

Younger men prefer staying away from over-the-calf socks as they believe that their design is outdated. This perception is not entirely baseless. Longer socks that cover the entire calf look more formal and complement the dressing style of people from older generations. However, younger people also need to wear them when dressing up for a professional setting.

If you are one of those people who want their socks to stay up all through the day, consider wearing over-the-calf pieces. As they rest below the knee, the calf plays the role of an anchor for them and allows them to remain up despite leg movements. Go for them even if you want extra coverage to prevent any kind of skin show when crossing your legs. However, usually, men mid-calf socks are long enough to prevent such faux pas.

Where Should You Buy Your Socks from?

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At Luerown, you’ll get socks in a range of shades. They have socks in conventional colors like black, blue, grey, brown, etc. And you’ll also find pieces in funkier shades like pink, purple, orange, etc.

All these ensure that the socks available at Luerown are comfortable to wear, easy to clean, eye-catching, and durable. The store has also kept the prices of these products pretty reasonable.