The evolution of the bow-tie

December 26, 2017

The tie which is used by the Croatian soldiers in the 17th century in Prussia wars in order to put the collars of their shirts together was later caught on by higher classes in France and was in fashion in the 18th and 19th centuries. According to a rumour, the bow-tie which is described as the evolved version of tie was first worn in 1763 by II. Corrock Joseph from English Royal Family. In 1860s it became an irrevocable accessory of the English origin tuxedo and in 1880s of American tuxedo which was derived from the former and so bow-tie started to take place in our lives. It wouldn’t be a lie to say that bow-tie which has evolved a lot since these days is living its most colourful time nowadays. Especially in the last 5 years it was estimated that people wouldn’t remain indifferent while colourful bow-ties have been dressing the windows and it became so. This accessory which was used only on special days by most men became an accessory used in our daily lives. Although classical black silk bow-tie secures its place, silk microfibre, cotton and woolen colourful bow-ties have gained a new place.

This fashion achieved to introduce a big crowd of people with the bowtie for the first time in their lives. In fact the bow-tie which existed for 250 years hasn’t achieved to catch its popularity of today and we assume it wouldn’t be false to say that it will retain its popularity for a long time.

That’s why I suggest that you go to a menswear shop and get a bow-tie that suits you. Surely you will smile the first time you look at the mirror but this is the most distinctive feature of a bow-tie. When people wear a tie, there is either a serious look or a smile of self-confidence in the mirror, but when they wear a bow-tie a smile is guaranteed and it will not be a usual one. We can say that there may not be a term when you can wear a bow-tie so comfortably again. That’s why you should make the most of it and enjoy today.