The Elegance of the Jacket

December 26, 2017

Although suits are indispensable for the men who care about their appearance, nowadays they are bound to gradually leave their places in seperate jacket and trouser combinations. Since there are some borders of suits, fashion designers feel themselves limited on the point of proving themselves in suits. They can push the limits in seperate jacket designs where they feel free and can therefore display their differences. This is reflected to the consumer with many jacket alternatives in different models which can be worn with pleasure. These alternatives help the consumers to show their own styles more obviously. The differences wanted to be formed in business meetings by wearing colourful ties under dark coloured suits are being replaced by more colourful seperate jacket and pants alternatives. Today all these colours are being considered natural in all international activities where there are not a lot of bureaucracies. This fashion, to which even the politicians are gradually showing interest, causes more colourful images to come out in our lives.

Even at a very serious organization we can come across dark blue pants worn under a red jacket and combined with a beautiful shirt. Or colourful checked jackets can be combined with pants in any colour found in checks and so a very stylish look can be obtained. Sometimes a tie or a bow-tie worn with these or a colourful pocket square can create a difference.

The style of jacket and pants which opens a new window for unlimited alternatives solidifies its position day by day and is likely to continue to help us display our life styles.