Men's Special Occasion Accessories Selection Guide

Men's Special Occasion Accessories Selection Guide

Contrary to the popular belief, men care as much about style as any woman. However, most of them are happy only if they get to wear the best clothes and shoes. To take their look to the next level, these men must consider wearing attractive accessories. The section below will educate you about men’s special occasion accessories that every man should have in his wardrobe.  


Your Collection for Men’s Special Occasion Accessories Must Include Cufflinks

You need cufflinks to fasten your shirt cuffs closed. If you are a fan of tailor-made shirts, you must consider using cufflinks instead of getting buttons sewn onto the shirt cuffs. This will add an extra bit of elegance to your looks. These accessories are must-haves for special occasions as they are more ornamental options compared to buttons.

Cufflinks are available in a range of styles, sizes, and shapes. The materials used for crafting them can also be of many types. If you want, you can even get them crafted out of precious metals like gold and platinum. However, such men’s special occasion accessories will be super expensive.

When buying cufflinks for a regular summer party or a family get-together, you can opt for basic pieces sporting minor stone works. However, if you are preparing for an upcoming wedding, don’t hesitate to go for the most gorgeous pieces you come across. The combination of solid color shirts in pastel shades and colorful cufflinks really work well. Make sure that the metal frames of the items are of high quality if you want the men’s special occasion accessories to last long.  

Do Buy a Few Lapel Pins and Brooches

If you are a fan of the old-school look, make sure you have a few lapel pins and brooches in your closet. Modern-day fashion stores will have these items in unique designs. Accessory designers also don’t hesitate to experiment with materials.

For instance, when getting ready for a fun-filled evening with your colleagues, you can wear men’s special occasion accessories like a colorful flower-shaped lapel pin made of wool and cloth. Those pieces are great alternatives to pocket squares. However, if you are preparing for a formal office party, it would be wise to stick to the traditional metal lapel pins.

Metal is still the most preferred material when it comes to crafting brooches. However, depending on your taste and the occasion you are wearing them for, you can choose between traditional brooches with crystals and fancy brooches.

Buy Ties and Pocket Squares for Your Men's Special Occasion Accessories Collection

A man’s wardrobe should always have some attractive ties and pocket squares. You will need this combination for every occasion starting from graduation parties and office parties to social gatherings and family get-togethers.

When buying ties, consider the colors of the suits and tuxedos you have in your wardrobe. The color and patterns of the ties you buy must match them aptly. For instance, if you have a brown suit in your wardrobe, consider buying a tie in yellow.

A color you cannot do without when creating a collection of ties is black. Your wardrobe must have at least one black tie for safety as it complements almost every shade one can think about. For every tie, you must have a matching pocket square and other different men’s special occasion accessories.

If you want your ties and pocket squares to be durable, opt for pieces done in pure silk. Clean the items following guidelines provided by the manufacturer and you’ll see them stay in good shape for decades.

As this write-up is about accessories for special occasions, it should also emphasize the importance of having a couple of bow ties in your closet. You’ll need them during the wedding season or when wearing your tuxedo for other grand ceremonies. The design of bow ties has undergone major changes in the past few decades. So, you’ll not struggle to find pieces complementing your modern look.

Final Words

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