Luerown Club Card

December 26, 2017

Luerown Club Card

Luerown discount cards are prepared based on a system where the rate of discount will increase as you shop at Luerown Store.

Luerown Club Card is not sold.

Luerown Club Card is given as a gift to each Luerown customer who purchase item/items for an amount of $500 or more every purchase after.

Each shopping done with the card is noted on your account and when the amount of your shopping from our stores reach $3000, your discount rate goes up to 8% automatically.

When the amount of your shopping reaches $5000, your discount rate goes up to 10 %. This is the highest discount rate that a Luerown Club Card owner can receive.

With this card you will have extra discounts during certain campaign periods and have the chance of winning some gifts. The campaigns will be announced at Luerown Store and on our official website;