Handmade Men Shoe Trees- Offering Proper Shoe Care

Handmade Men Shoe Trees- Offering Proper Shoe Care

Are you looking for some fascinating gift ideas for the man you love? If yes, you must put in your best efforts to ensure that you give him something that is stylish as well as useful. It would be even better if the gift item is hand made and made of environment-friendly materials. To meet all the above-mentioned criteria, you can consider checking the collection of handmade men shoe trees available online.

Hand-crafted shoe trees make life a lot easier for men who need to wear shoes regularly. Read on to find out what shoe trees are and how they help in taking care of our shoes.

An Introduction to Handmade Men Shoe Trees

Shoe trees are foot-shaped tools that you would need to insert into your shoes to keep them in shape when you are not wearing them. These devices are also useful in keeping your expensive footwear moisture-free.

When searching for handmade men shoe trees online, you will most likely come across two and three-piece designs. The front portion of the two-piece units resembles our forefoot, and the rear part resembles our heel. These two portions remain spring-loaded. As a result, you’ll be able to use these units for storing shoes of various sizes.

If it’s a three-piece shoe tree, expect its front part to have two segments. Those two segments also feature springs and thereby offer a perfectly customized fit to your shoes.

When shopping for these special items, you’ll also come across products crafted out of synthetic materials. Stay away from them if you want to keep your shoes in good shape for a long time. Top shops like Luerown sell handmade shoe trees made of environmental friendly beech wood.

This untreated wood type is perfect for this purpose as it facilitates the drying process of shoes even further. Unlike units made of synthetic materials, the beechwood handmade men shoe trees fight odors and prevent moisture buildup.  

The Process of Using Handmade Men Shoe Trees

Shoe trees should be in use whenever the shoes in your house are not in use. This will allow you to keep expensive shoes free from moisture effortlessly and ensure that they look new for years to come. Using shoe trees regularly will keep your leather shoes crease and wrinkle-free for years.

You’ll be able to use these units even during the monsoon or snowy winters i.e., when your shoes frequently get drenched in rainwater or snow. However, if your shoes are completely soaked in water/snow, allow them to dry for at least 30 to 40 minutes before inserting the handmade men shoe trees inside them.

You should begin by inserting the front part of the device into your shoe and then slide it as far as you can. If the product you are using has an intelligent design, you’ll not need to put much effort to complete the insertion process. A small push will do the job for you. If you are still struggling to install the device, you have possibly picked the wrong size.

Once the above step is complete, compress the device lengthwise, while sliding its rear part into the shoe’s heel. The moment you remove your hand from the unit, the spring will decompress, and the shoe tree will fill the shoe perfectly without leaving any excess space. If that doesn’t happen, you have possibly purchased a piece that’s too big for your shoe.

Know the Size You Need When Buying Handmade Men Shoe Trees

When we buy typical men's wear, we care a lot about size. You should do the same even when buying shoe trees. These devices usually come in sizes that fit at least a couple of shoe sizes. Here are a few examples of sizing for shoe trees: 7”-8”, 8.5”-9.5”, 10”-11”, etc. If your shoe size is between two available shoe tree sizes, try both to find out which one fits you aptly.

Make sure that the piece you buy fits into your shoes perfectly. If the unit is too small, it will keep moving around your shoes. A unit that’s too big, on the other hand, will result in excessive stretching of your shoes and damage them permanently.

Final Words

Luerown offers handmade men shoe trees that would fit your shoes perfectly. The collection of the store includes shoe trees in arrange of shades. You’ll not be disappointed even if you are looking for a piece featuring a colorful design. All these products are made in TR (Turkey) and are priced pretty reasonably.